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Sympathy Flowers

We are highly skilled in creating beautiful sympathy flowers. You will see styles more fitting for sending to the home, as well as designs for the actual funeral.
We also have a beautiful selection of blooming houseplants and green houseplants to send to the family. Prices for houseplants typically start in about the $50 range for a small houseplant and go up from there, depending on size and style of the planter.
Price ranges for sympathy flowers are starting in about the $75-$100 range for a small to medium size bouquet. Our average, nice sized funeral bouquet is typically $150 and up. This budget will give our designers a little creative freedom and the ability to use the more premium flowers for your bouquet. Please feel free to call and we can discuss pricing and flower availability for what you are looking for. We are confident that we can create something beautiful with in your budget. 208-983-1520

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